Ms. Hop-Man Beer Gobbler T-Shirt


Based on the female version of the always hungry video game icon, our Ms. Hop-Man T-Shirt  features a munching hop cone (with bow) marching towards terrified beer.

Presented in vivid color, this homebrew t-shirt is for those who prefer craft beer to assembly line swill. It’s also for homebrewers who prefer Pac-Gals to the standard, maybe a little stale Pac-Man.

A great gift for homebrewers, craft beer drinkers, and (self-proclaimed) video game historians.This Ms. Pac-Man-inspired design is the perfect gift for homebrewers, classic video game enthusiasts, and craft beer connoisseurs. Is Dad, Mom, Grandpa, or Uncle Stu looking for the perfect homebrew t-shirt celebrating an arcade classic? If so, you can simply stop reading this and hit “ADD TO CART.” 

Available in men’s and women’s sizes.Homebrewers and video gamers come in all shapes and sizes. Have a friend, child, or marginally responsible adult child who enjoys the dot-consuming Pac-People? And does this friend, child, sibling, or well wisher partake of homebrewed craft beer? If they’re arcade enthusiasts who regularly brew, we recommend this craft beer t-shirt.

We only use high-quality shirts for our Ms. Hop-Man prints.To ensure a long-lasting print with exceptional colors, we only use blanks featuring high-quality ringspun cotton. So, you get a comfortable t-shirt that survives years and years of regular washing. (Just, y’know, don’t change the oil with it, or dip it in fruit punch).

Do you like craft beer?And if you don’t, do you know someone who does? If this special person also remembers the glory of shopping mall arcades, this homebrew t-shirt is absolutely for them.

Is someone you know a fan of classic video games?And do they tell stories of “ye’ old arcade” while homebrewing delicious craft beer? If so, this is obviously the t-shirt for them.

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