Cuts of Pork Fucking Delicious T-Shirt

Zoom in to check out our favorite cut of Pork ;)

There are all sorts of delicious and tasty things that you can BBQ but is there really anything more versatile and delicious than a pig? On this t-shirt we tell you exactly what we think about every cut of Pork we could think of. Spoiler alert, we really like bacon. This t-shirt is both funny and true so it is perfect for your next big BBQ. 

Having a pig roast? You need this shirt.  Smoking some pork shoulder for the family? You need this shirt. Sitting at home by yourself gorging on every and any part of that delicious pig? You guessed it, you need this shirt so buy it today and we will ship it out to you right away.

  • Perfect Accessory for your Next BBQ
  • Celebration of the Joy that is Pork
  • Don't Grill Without It
  • Funny BBQ T-Shirt

This design is printed on a high quality, super soft, Bella+Canvas 100% cotton t-shirt