Mothman Loves Craft Beer T-Shirt


The Mothman cryptid will only stop terrorizing townsfolk when tempted by ice-cold craft beer. And this Mothman t-shirt proves three things, finally and completely: Mothman exists; there are several; and they’re easily enthralled by blazing neon signs promoting drool-inducing craft beer.

Highlighted in electric red, this unique homebrew t-shirt celebrates the terrifying Mothman, his…uh… drinking buddies, and their inability to withstand the allure of homebrewed craft beer (or, like most insects, a flashing, colorful light source).

A great gift for homebrewers, craft beer drinkers, and believers of the low-flying Mothman. Our Mothman t-shirt is the perfect gift for cryptid trackers, homebrewers, and those who empathize with Mothman’s attraction to deliciously brewed beer. Is Dad, Grandpa, Mom, or a slightly paranoid neighbor totally convinced of Mothman’s existence? Then we have the perfect homebrew gift to kindly enable their delusion. 

Available in men’s and women’s sizes.Homebrewers and cryptid hunters come in all shapes and sizes. Have a friend, parent, spouse, or sibling who swears the Mothman ate their dog (and probably drank their beer)? If they tend to spin yarns while moderately buzzed, we highly recommend this craft beer t-shirt.

We only use high-quality shirts for our Mothman prints.To ensure a long-lasting print with exceptional colors, we only use blanks featuring high-quality ringspun cotton. So, you get a comfortable t-shirt that survives years and years of regular washing.

Do you like craft beer? And if you don’t, do you know someone who does? If you drink beer, brew beer, or drink craft beer while brewing – and harbor a slight obsession with furry, flying cryptids – we’re quite convinced you’ll need this particular t-shirt.

Do you know someone who encountered a Mothman?And did this encounter occur while homebrewing, and therefore, while drinking craft beer to the point of hallucinating a giant, coal-black butterfly? If so, they totally deserve this Mothman t-shirt.

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