I Brew and I Know Things Homebrewing T-Shirt


Enjoy discussing craft beer? Incessantly and non-stop, regardless of people walking the other direction? Our I Brew and I Know Things T-Shirt is absolutely for you, or people like you, who regularly offer helpful (but never ending) information about homebrewing.

Featuring a purposely distressed print, this slightly silly homebrew t-shirt is for homebrewers who brew a lot, and therefore, know a lot (about brewing).

A great gift for homebrewers (and drinkers) of craft beer. Have a friend, relative, sibling, or significant other that brews constantly and educates often (on the wonders of homebrewing)? Then grant them this very telling homebrew t-shirt.

Do you know someone who brews craft beer?And do they talk about it? And talk about it? And keep talking about it? If you know someone who absolutely won’t shut up about homebrewing, they absolutely belong in this homebrew t-shirt.

Wait. Are they STILL talking about homebrewing craft beer??It’s okay to stop them mid-sentence and demand they change the subject. And if they can’t, we suggest therapy and NOT an enabling craft beer t-shirt. (But seriously – buy the t-shirt.)

Available in men’s and women’s sizes.Dedicated homebrewers come in all shapes and sizes. If you know a knowledgeable brewer who loves making craft beer (and immediately lists the benefits on a suddenly appearing white board), this homebrew t-shirt is the perfect, appropriate gift.

We only use high-quality shirts for our popular homebrew designs.To ensure a long-lasting print with exceptional colors, we only use blanks featuring high-quality ringspun cotton. So, you get a nice, comfortable t-shirt that survives years and years of regular washing. (Just, y’know, don’t use it to mop up spaghetti sauce).

Reliable seller based in the US.We’re a print shop based in Pennsylvania. Familiar with Douglassville, Pa? No? How about Reading? Good, because we’re about 20-minutes outside of Reading, Pennsylvania. And we print amazing designs on amazing things (like t-shirts, drinkware, hats, and additional forms of apparel).