Hop-Man Beer Gobbler Video Game Beer T-Shirt


Based on the yellow, dot-hungry disc that kicked off the ‘80s video game craze, this Hop-Man Beer Gobbler T-Shirt features a familiar hop cone making his way towards beer-filed, googly-eyed glasses.

Presented in vivid color, our Hop-Man t-shirt is for homebrewers who consider themselves video game aficionados. Or, for those who drink craft beers while playing simpler games requiring very little creative thinking.

A great gift for homebrewers, gamers, and craft beer connoisseurs.This Pac-Man-inspired design is the perfect gift for homebrewers, fans of classic video games, fans of drinking while playing classic video games, fans of brewing while playing classic video games, and fans of drinking. Period.

Available in men’s and women’s sizes.Homebrewers and video gamers come in all shapes and sizes. If you’re a fan of ravenous hop cones avoiding ghostly glasses (or ravenous hop cones occasionally devouring ghostly glasses), we stock a full range of comfortable t-shirt sizes.

We only use high-quality shirts for our Hop-Man prints.To ensure a long-lasting print with exceptional colors, we only use blanks featuring high-quality ringspun cotton. So, you get a nice, comfortable t-shirt that survives years and years of regular washing. (Just, y’know, don’t wash it in bleach, battery acid, or barbeque sauce).

Do you homebrew?If you homebrew, attempt to homebrew, or know someone who homebrews, this beer/video game mashup is the most relevant t-shirt you’re currently not wearing (or gifting).

Do you like video games?If you remember spending hours (and lunch money) in the arcades circa 1981, you probably played Pac-Man, Defender, Centipede, and Asteroids until a parent (or obnoxious sibling) finally tracked you down. Clothe yourself in stress-free nostalgia with this hoppy/happy t-shirt.

Reliable seller based in the US.We’re a print shop based in Pennsylvania. Familiar with Douglassville, Pa? No? How about Reading? Still no? Okay, how about Philadelphia? Yes? Good, because we’re about 1.5 hours away from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. And we print amazing designs on amazing things (like t-shirts, drinkware, hats, and additional forms of apparel).

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