December 05, 2016 2 min read

It's gift-giving season once again, and the homebrewer in your life wants more than sincere compliments on his latest batch of pumpkin ale. Whether you love a novice brewer or a seasoned suds-maker, these gifts for homebrewers are sure to be the highlight of her holiday (except for the spiced stout, of course).

1. Homebrew kits

Even experienced brewers can make use of extra kettles, buckets and tubing. These package deals cover a wide price range and a variety of brewing categories.

2. The Complete Joy of Homebrewing by Charlie Papazian

In a straightforward and conversational style, Charlie Papazian covers the basics every homebrewer must master to make great beer. The go-to reference for equipment, technique, recipe development, troubleshooting and more, this book is the brewing bible.

3. Mustache Bottle Opener

Brewers love to enjoy a beverage while they ponder and execute their next great recipe. Help him crack one (or five) open in true hipster style with this fun bottle opener.

4. American Homebrewers Association Membership

Included in membership to the leading homebrewers organization are member deals at hundreds of bars, restaurants and breweries nationwide, a magazine subscription, useful apps and many educational resources.


5. Beer Soap

You do not want to be within ten feet of an unwashed brewer on stout day. This is just the product to wash the smell of roasted malt off after a long day of brewing. It will get him clean and satisfy his need for all things beer.

6. Oak Barrel

These barrels are fantastic for trying her hand at barrel-aging her next brew. In sizes from 1 liter to 20, oak barrels are great for any volume of beer. These can even be laser engraved for a more personal gift. Also good for aging whiskey when she's waiting for her lager to ferment.

7. Grain Mill 

This gift is perfect for the all grain brewer. It allows him to use the freshest grains in each batch. He will also look a little like Pa from Little House on the Prairie turning the crank, so it's really a gift to you also.

8. Homebrew Tees


Your homebrewer will never brew the perfect IPA without this tee. Don't make him wear that free tee he got from the office blood drive, that's just wrong.

9. StarSan

If you think home brewing is all glitz and glamor, consider this: it's mostly washing dishes. Sanitization is key, and every homebrewer would love to find a gallon or seven of this solution in his stocking.

10. Hop Candy

Your homebrewer's appetite for hoppy deliciousness can now be satisfied in candy form. There are three varieties that would make great stocking stuffers -- just be prepared for an  enthusiastic discourse on the fine differences between Cascade and Saaz when he discovers these.   




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